Law-Driven Approach (bottom-up)

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“ Energy is a design topic, not a technology topic, but there are few of us who have always believed this.” —Donald Watson, FAIA
Energy Performance Assessment (Wang, Yan, and Xiao 2012)
  • Energy benchmarking: Whole building based on energy performance index (EPI)
  • Energy Rating: Energy quantification method
  • Energy Labeling: Assigning an energy performance class based on scale related labeling index (LI)
  • Energy certification: Procedure to assess energy performance by an authorized institute
  • EPA for existing buildings: Based on measurement ratings (Standardization 2008)
  • EPA for new buildings: Based on calculated ratings (Standardization 2008) because there is no available data
Energy Quantification Methods
  • Calculation-based approach
  • Measurement-based approach
  • Hybrid Approach

Wang, Shengwei, Chengchu Yan, and Fu Xiao. 2012. “Quantitative Energy Performance Assessment Methods for Existing Buildings.” Energy and Buildings 55: 873–88.

CEN, Energy Performance of Buildings - Overall Energy Use and Definition of Energy Ratings, EN 15603:2008. 2008.

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