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05.08.2017 - HOW TO WRITE THESIS

I have been struggling for a while about thesis subject due to lack of definitive start, process of writing do not continue as I expected. Today, I try to re-evaluate subjects that these are 'How to find good thesis topic?' and 'How to find thesis?'. There are advices to write good thesis statement and check it. HOW TO FIND VALUABLE THESIS TOPIC Choosing good thesis topic -> Surveying that can help to find good thesis subject Choosing good thesis topic -> Instead of making a survey, the results depends on your environment and it can not be realistic so put an effort on literature scanning about your topic. For example : W hat is the importance of environmental approach whilst design phase , is there any research about it so that you can get the topic from a research instead of survey.  To increase the chance to publish thesis -> It need to proactive about subject. It is because some subjects have more chance than others for publishing Choosing thesi