05.08.2017 - HOW TO WRITE THESIS

I have been struggling for a while about thesis subject due to lack of definitive start, process of writing do not continue as I expected. Today, I try to re-evaluate subjects that these are 'How to find good thesis topic?' and 'How to find thesis?'. There are advices to write good thesis statement and check it.

  • Choosing good thesis topic -> Surveying that can help to find good thesis subject
  • Choosing good thesis topic -> Instead of making a survey, the results depends on your environment and it can not be realistic so put an effort on literature scanning about your topic. For example : What is the importance of environmental approach whilst design phase, is there any research about it so that you can get the topic from a research instead of survey. 
  • To increase the chance to publish thesis -> It need to proactive about subject. It is because some subjects have more chance than others for publishing
  • Choosing thesis subjects -> if the supervisor is interested the thesis subjects, it is easy to proceed. Unless he will spend time to understand the thesis and get acknowledge himself about it. so ask the supervisor about subject instead of writing the topic in your mind.
  • Writing thesis -> it is not something that you spend 6 months unpaid working and your supervisor will support you to continue. Supervisor don't get paid to write master thesis with students.  
  • Evaluation of good thesis subject :
  1. Is there a clear problem statement ?
  2. Is there a way to find alternative solutions ?
  3. Why it is important ? (helps yo to convince supervisor/to choose between alternatives)

  • Scientific creates acknowledge -> Your hypothesis reach some empirical results and your result must be different than previous works that they have been done. 

  • Choosing suitable supervisor for yourself -> Read the  thesis that he supervised before. Understand his working area.
  • Thesis tasks-> Author (time management + request for feedback + make decisions + report each meeting) / Supervisor (topic clarification and scoping)
  • Thesis hierarchy -> Author (master student : creates solution + writes text ) / Supervisor (invents topic + feedback thesis + evaluation) / Professor (feedback topic + formal evaluation). According to faculty capacity, supervisor and professor can be same person. 
  • Communication with supervisor -> remind him your topic, what are you doing currently in your meetings he could not memorize all details of your work 
  • Communication with supervisor -> Each week reporting (what have you did last week + what will you do for the next week), it will motivate him to concentrate.

  • Isolate yourself --> Find yourself that you can isolate from distractions and work there.
  • Cut the elephant -> Divide and organize episodes. Introduction, literature review, methodology, etc...
  • Don't eat all -> Instead of reading all information, target them most important ones and use youtube, wikipedia to reach fastly the knowledge. 
  • Plan the working time -> Plan your week and organize suitable hourly working schedules.
  • Thesis timeline -> Introduction / Fundamentals (concepts, programs, tools) / Related works / Solution approach (1/3 thesis process) / Evaluation (1/3 thesis process)  / future work / conclusion  (instead of spending so much time for introduction and related works after find your thesis subjects pas them quickly and reach the solution approach and evaluation parts )
  • Practice writing -> Try to write daily writings to increase writing capability of yourself. (between 150-250 words)
  • Self motivation -> Do not underestimate yourself during thesis period. explain people what are you doing, why are you choosing this path.
  • GET IT QUICKLY -> Organize your time, do not wait for total digestion, read-write-check-revise-deliver.


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