07.09.2017 - How to create or modify EnergyPlus Weather Data (EPW)

How to modify a weather (EPW) file or create new ?
Elements is a free, open-source, cross-platform software tool for creating and editing custom weather files for building energy modeling. The goal of the project is to develop a comprehensive, integrated application suitable for handling all of the common tasks associated with weather files.

How to modify a weather (EPW) file with other data?
  1. run the weather converter on the original file (Energyplus component)
  2. convert the file to "EnergyPlus CSV" (it exist in excel)
  3. open the EnergyPlus CSV file in your favorite spreadsheet program. (excel)
  4. make the mods, saving it as CSV from the spreadsheet program.
  5. run the weather converter again, this time selecting the CSV and make sure the File type is "EnergyPlus CSV"
  6. convert it to EPW.
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