Writing a research is challenging task to do in order to complex context, long time period writing, classification of big data, scaning scientific background and reach satisfactory result. While I started this period from the begining at June, I realised that there are few content about this process and especially for computational design. I found some blog's and vlog's one of these are propesed by my thesis mentor. These contents can help the direct thesis students to build their own thesis route and aim. 
My thesis subject focus on fast prediction energy models which contains building energy knowledge, simulation based energy modeling,  neural network, code learning. About energy modeling, I started to scan previous scientific researches and books;
  • Comfort Control in Buildings,Castilla, Álvarez, Rodríguez, Berenguel,2014.
  • An Overview of Simulation and EnergyPlus, Material prepared by GARD Analytics, Inc. and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign under contract to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory,2003.  
About ANN learning;
About C# code and algoritm learning. It is better to learn algorithms to start code learning also algorithms helps to organize and illustrate many subject orderly.
Day by day I will share researches names from science direct. That's it, keep it easy, stay cool.


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