22.06.2017 - FLOW CHART / ANN

We met onur hoca who is my thesis advisor. Talked about thesis process and aims of the research. There is 3 main parts of thesis 2 of them is a subject one of them is technique. In orderly, building energy concept, neural network prediction and lastly coding language as C#. I started coding and energy practice early days but ANN which is neural networks are quite fresh subject for me, it is better to start to get used to it idea and create more and more awareness. In addition to this issue, we are planning to create flow chart of thesis work process in order to content and methodology.

Planned Flowchart
Thesis subject of building energy consumption prediction model formation 
1. use epw with eliminated version - schedule - location
2. data collection with sensors ( humidity, temperature, illumination, etc.)
3. data record - analyses - categorize 1
4. data extracting building energy simulation
5. data record - analyses - categorize of 3
6. compare data of 1 and data of 3
7. calibrate to value - define confidence interval about error of simulation
8. eliminate most effective objectives such as heating,cooling,artificial lightning and use compactness as an objective
9. pattern recognition with ann / fast prediction of 12 month
10. compare with normal energy simulation such as open studio about timing.

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