Today was full day of seminer which is about nearly zero energy building design. Seminer was at Egean University and made by Passivhaus-Institut. There are 5 key elements about NZEB : 
  1. Insulation ( lower U value)
  2. Thermal bridge-free
  3. Windows / doors ( expensive) (comfort)
  4. Air tightness
  5. Mechanical ventilation (creates more balanced temperatures)
So to continue other issues.
  • Building occurs lower campactness (exterior surfaces / volume) equal to 0.7.
  • Management of windows about driection and sizes.
  • Total continuous insulation is important.
  • Windows are directly related with comfort and U-value should be lower than 0.8 W/m2K.
  • Mechanical ventilation controls indoor temperature against heat loss.
  • Air tightness prevent heet loss and support indoor heat balance.
We have seen also PHPP that means Passive House Planning Package program that define passive energy performanc of buildings. Program works with excel. You can check seminer presentation from google drive link at below.

Day by day, I am closing to extract flowchart of thesis. I will mention about tomorrow. Stay cool.

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