11.June.2017 - DAY 1 - ABOUT ME

I am Orçun Koral İşeri and I am master student of Computational Design and Energy at Yaşar University. Today is the first day of these daily writings. It will mostly contains issues about thesis. Of course I will talk about life period also :) Today I started search about Rıfat Sönmez who is civil engineer lecturer at METU . His field of interest focuses on pre-design cost optimization with ANN for construction and he can extract range estimation with ANN which is valuable fır my thesis. Tomorrow I will read and mail to him to contact face to face at Metu. Additionally, i am trying to form up a working order to optimize my working strategy and decrease the percentage of donkey work so a list I applied to on my wall that is called 'daily work * fun' it contains C# / ANN for C# / how can written or scientific text ? / at least reading and form up the summary of 2 beneficial research paper / EnergyPlus reading to learn more major points of energy at buildings. It is good to start as Hamdi Ulukaya said 'Let's paint the walls first'.



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