30.06.2017 - TUBITAK 1512

Today, I join a webinar which about start up economical support program from TUBITAK. It is innovative economical, management support program. To take that support, you got to complete some educations and attend some webinars.    

What is TUBITAK ?

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (Turkish: Türkiye Bilimsel ve Teknolojik Araştırma Kurumu, TÜBİTAK) is a national agency of Turkey whose stated goal is to develop "science, technology and innovation" (STI) policies, support and conduct research and development, and to "play a leading role in the creation of a science and technology culture" in the country. TÜBİTAK was founded in 1963 as an autonomous public institution, governed by a Science Board.

What is BiGG ?

The "1512 Program" of TÜBİTAK's entrepreneurship support started in 2012. As an institution we have observed both our entrepreneurs and the companies they have established. In this process, we evaluated his views. As a result, we made arrangements and gave a new name so that the program could be more productive. That's how BiGG was born.

Prodis - teb - tubitak webinar : 
  • Prodis : tubitak apply sistem ( you can do all application digitally)
  • How to apply with innovative job idea to tubitak 1512 program. 150.000 non payment + 100.000 %0 interest payment
  • Market analysis techniques.
  • Team construction 
  • Flowchart of process
  • Committee's intention subjects 
  • Most common errors
Advices from webinar :
  • Explain your job briefly and simply. Explain as everyone can understand the system.  (3c method - scientific technical approach) 
  • Do not promise anything that more than company capacity !!!
  • Tubitak wish for minimum 12 months innovation time: design --> pre-protoype --> working prototype --> field work of product ( to create better background of product or services) 
  • Be transparent baout money expect and product release date.
  • It is better to learn all govermental permissions about job idea.
Market analysis:
  • talk about market holders, competitors, market size
  • talk about technological movements such as indutry-4.0 how will effect job. (positively mention)
  • talk about customers, it is better to detail research about it. geographical, demographical, behaviour division of customers, 30 different customer group, 3 or 5 year customer policy.
  • you can check 'kosgeb' community economical offer preparation., 

Links :

  • BiGG:http://bigg.tubitak.gov.tr/


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