15.06.2017 - DAY 4 - MSTAS.17

The last day of METU has started early as yesterday. Different clothes same breakfast. 15th june of conference was 3 session and my collegues and I present our work at first session of second day. First session has started with a research about computational language detection of all papers of MSTAS since 2007 and they working result shows that there is a lack of language translation from english to turkish and it defects terminologic outcomes. We faced this problem also while we were writing the conference paper of MSTAS. Committee realised that all papers has used different turkish words for same english provision. I think for this complicated situation I will start computational english-turkish dictionary. After that discussion we got on the stage and perform well. A professor from Itu proposed us to contact a big company and use their design and material data to enlarge our effort and one of the paper owner mention about cultural center construction. Mechanical engineers claim the u-values of exterior façade glasses from architect to organize artificial lightning for interior space and new architect surprised about it. At architectural school it is rare education method about material properties that can be attention point for future development of this paper content. To change the subject about people, I would like the attract some important persons who started MSTAS and we met with them. Assoc.Prof.Dr.Arzu Gönenç Sorguç (acoustic and control), Doç.Dr.Birgül Çolakoğlu (computational design), Res.As.Serkan Uysal (Building Information), Specialist Çağlar Fırat Özgenel who are related with my working perspective. To addition these people, I contact with Doc.Dr. Rıfat Sönmez about my thesis project we talked about genetic algorithms and encoding, decoding process. To conclude the daily writing, it was helpful activity to attend a conference to enlarge personal network and meet some new working areas. To finish, Turkey has passing hard days sadly as usual, while I return to izmir with bus. Police stopped us at Uşak and collect our Turkish ID's to control for procedure. When police came near us a woman asked a question, do you collect woman's ID also? It was shocking for me to see a woman make descrimination herself even at ID controlling.

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  • Building information: https://www.designingbuildings.co.uk/wiki/Building_information_modelling_BIM
  • MSTAS.17 : http://mstas2017.metu.edu.tr/


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