14.06.2017 - DAY 3 - CONFERENCE

First day in Ankara started fast. Early in the morning waking up to prepare for conference. Inside Metu (middle east technical university) my friend Uğur take me to a place where is near bus stop to breakfast. 'Arkabahçe' is place that you can get your meal to your plate and you pay as what you got. About 09:00, we get on the ring and arrived to faculty of architecture at 09:10. Conference room is near the entrance of faculty  that's how I can find easily the crowd. My thesis partner Gökhan and I were existed th see such an activity about computational design approach.  Meeting  started at 9.45 with Prof.Dr.Arzu Gönenç speech. She talked about history of MSTAS which started 2007 at same place in the Architecture Faculty of Metu and after that conference has started. There were 10 presentations and the content was big long to explain one by one I will mentionfew about hot topics. Firstly, faculty of architecture has started new tech laboratory wnich students can  improve their CAD/CAM skills. Secondly, there were research and discussion about benefits and disadvantages of difital programs for design education and 3d thinking on design. Thirdly, there were another research on education and parametric tools. To additionly, there were doctorate and master research presentations about shape grammars, design production, program evolution. Between presentations, there were questioning sessions, at some part there were discussion about computatiınal design terminology and lack of right usage in turkish language. It was open minding and tiring day. After conference, I came home and directly slept on couch. I hope second day will be good as today the first day and also we will present our research that is totaly fascinating. For today that's it.

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