13.06.2017 - DAY 2 - OPTIMIZATION

Today, I gave a break thesis working because I had to go out from the city for conference. 14-15 june there is conference at METU that is called MSTAS.17. To clear the content of conference, it is computational researches and improvement at Architectural discipline. For this conference, we made a research of optimization problem and optimization algorithms forms from parameters and objective. Our definition contains UDI100-2000lux and yearly total energy consumption of building ( heating, cooling, articial lightning consumption ) as objectives and for the optimization algorithm we examine meta-heuristic optimization that is called 'HypE'. For the parameters we decide two types parameters first units are design parameters the other units material decisions.  We are strongly believe that it will be important to meet same working methodologies. Mstas is community to enlarge computational perspective at architecture community.



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